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**Chakri Palace**

10th Dec 06, this is a special day for me and my hubby. Today is the 1st anniversary of our registration to become husband-wife. Anyhow, i asked my hubby,"Do you think we should celebrate the registration date or wedding ceremony date?". Actually, i'm thinking, why can't we celebrate both... :D so that we have more excuse to go for nice food.

So, i told my hubby that i read from KY Speaks blog of nice roasted pork. Anyhow, i forget to print the map and we are going around and can't find the place. Then i suggested to my hubby, maybe we should go to Yut Kee, which i read from Life of Food Lover. Anyhow, i also don't know the place well, so my mission failed.

Finally, we are too hungry and think maybe we should go to KLCC. Sure there is some nice food there. So, we went to Chakri Palace for Thai cuisine.
Pineapple Fried Rice RM14++Green curry beef RM18++Tom Yam Kung RM18++Prawn from Tom Yam Kung is not fresh.. :(

Overall, the dishes is ok but i remember the previou…

**Pa Mee**

25th Nov 06, is wedding eve for my hubby's cousin son.. :) hehe.. Don't think wrongly, my hubby is not very OLD, is just that the age gap between his cousin and his is around 20 years old.

His family are from hokkian 'heng hua' and use to make this noddle which called "Pa Mee". According to them, to make this "pa mee" really need alot of strength...besides, for 2kg of flour and it will need 10 eggs....**Wao**

When i hear that, i'm thinking... so many eggs for that noddle???? Anyhow, i think the noddle taste quite "Q" and it cooks with chinese mushroom, fish ball and some vege...

I think the texture of this noddle is just like the normal egg-flour noddle
(min fun koh).

Taman Chiap Aik (Jln Templer)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.

::Szechuan Chicken Noddle::

19th Nov 06, Sunday is the only day i can rest...but some time also i will like to do some cooking. Anyhow, today.. i just feel lazy to cook so i didn't buy any vege or meat. So, i asked my hubby whether her mum is going to cook or not... but my hubby told my mother in law that i will cooked for her tonight.

Oh no!!! i didn't buy anything... what shall i cook? So, i decided to cook porridge because just thinking to cook chicken porridge. So, we went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients...

When i start cooking in the kitchen... i don't feel like eating porridge and i found the szechuan vegetable in my fridge. So i decided to cook noddle. :-)... **TA DA** here it is... Szechuan Chicken Noddle(My first creative noddle)

What you need (Serve for 3):
Part A:
1/2 tblsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
some corn flour

Part B:
4 pieces dried noddle (instant noddle)
1 packet szechuan vegetable (washed or soaked)
200g chicken fillet
some chopped garlic
1 tblsp oyster sauce

How to do:
1. Marinade th…

Garden Wedding Reception

18th Nov 06, it has been raining 'cats and dogs' in the afternoons... we have to attend a wedding at 5.00pm. We reach the church at 5.30pm, I'm so sorry... :) we are late... luckily the wedding ceremony just started.

This is not the first time i attended the church wedding, but this is the first time i attended such a beautiful garden wedding reception. The garden is decorated with all the white roses and it is really nicely decorated. I think this is most of the girl ideal wedding....maybe is not... but for sure is mine... :)

Congratulations to Edward and Priscilla.... Here are some garden reception photos....

Food photos....

Dinner MenuPrawn Mango SaladAromatic Crispy Duck With SaladMixed Starter

::Smash Egg and Ham::

14th Nov 06, another breakfast that i have made... is smash egg and ham...

What you need:
2 hard boiled egg
1 piece ham
cucumber cut into cube
1 tblsp mayonnaise

How you make:
Smash everything together... :)

Bowling Session

21st Sep 06, my dept is having a bowling session... so we went to the new bowling valley in Seremban. Actually, just wanna to share with you all what the meal that served during the bowling... here it is...
2 Chicken Wing, curry puff, kuih and fried bee hoon.

Anyhow, there are 2 drinks.. one is milo and another one is orange juice... I wonder why they give us 2 drinks??? :)

**Wantan Mee (Dumpling Noddle)**

3rd Oct 06, i wanted to blog this wan tan mee stall quite some time ago.... this is my favourite wan tan mee stall in Seremban. :) I have been eating this wan tan mee stall since standard 2.... What is so special on this wan tan mee? The noddle is not too soft and the bbq roast pork(叉烧)is really nice. The side dish that i like to order is... the vegetable(油菜心)...the stall owner put the roast pork sauce into the vege and make the vege taste so nice...when you eat that time... you can feel the "grouk... grouk..." sound.... :) Anyhow, i think those people that can't really stand the "dirtiness" of the area.... maybe will not like it....
Wan Tan Mee (RM2.40)Vege (RM3 for 2 person)

Rahang (Near the Shell Petrol Station)
Not sure the actual address :)
Open Daily except Sunday
12.00pm - 3.00pm

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.


13th Oct 06, showing all the backlog... :) Actually, i tried the Dragon-i in 1U and i really like the 小笼包 (is it called dumpling)? Since my hubby never try this before, so we decided to go to this Dragon-i in Mid Valley.

We order some dishes with white rice...
Fried Vege(波菜)Roast Duck (Cold Dish)Bean curd with spicy sauce (麻婆豆腐)Dumpling??(小笼包)

Dragon-i (Behind Coffee Bean)
Mid Valley Megamall

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.

::Mogolian Pork Rib & Steam Fish - 27Oct06::

27th Oct 06, I'm still in holiday mood but i feel a bit bored so decided to cook dinner. Actually, i like to see cooking program, i like to read cook book and i like to EAT.... :) But i seldom cook, anyhow once in a while i will help my mum to cook.

On this day, i'm very happy because i can cook a dinner in my lovely kitchen...Thank you to my hubby.....Anyhow, my kitchen still very empty... i'm trying to save more money to buy all the "accesorries" soon...
Mongolian Pork RibSteam Fish

Steps for Mongolian Pork Rib:
1. 4 tblsp tomato sauce, 2 tblspn chili sauce, 1000ml water, 1 tsp white vinegar and 1 tblsp sugar (but i cut into half). Mix all these into the pot and heat it.
2. Follow by the pork rib.
3. Cook until the pork rib is tender.

Steps for Steam Fish:
1. Clean the fish.
2. Cut few pieces of ginger and few pieces of tomato and put on top of the fish.
3. Put some chinese wine.
4. Boil the water.
5. After the water boiled, put in the fish to steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

**Chopstick Noddle House**

28th Oct 06, my hubby requested to have roast duck. So, the shop came into my mind is either C-Jade Express or Chopstick. Anyhow, i choose to go Chopstick is because C-Jade is self-service and i'm lazy.. :)

My previous blog on this place is we have a set meal, this time we are trying to have some dishes with white rice. Here are some of the food... because of busy eating... some of the food is not taken.
Stew Beef姜葱田鸡 (Ginger Onion Chicken??)Fried Vege

Chopstick Noddle House
Mid Valley Megamall

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.

::Pork Rib Porridge - 29Oct06::

My hubby like to eat porridge very much, so i plan to cook the pork rib porridge with some other ingredients... :)
Salted EggCentury EggFried Onion, Spring onion and etc.Pork Rib PorridgeJade's PorridgeHubby's Porridge

1. Cook the pork rib in boiled water for 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Take out the pork rib and set aside.
3. Prepare the rice and with amount of water that you like. (Because some ppl like thick porridge and some ppl like watery)
4. Put in the pork rib and cook for 40 to 50 minutes and put some salt to taste.
5. Prepared the salted egg, century egg, fried onion and spring onion.
6. Put anything that you like to mix with your porridge.

Titbit from Tokyo

My colleage, Audrey went to Tokyo for vacation during the Hari Raya holiday weeks...She brought us some titbit..Below are some of it:
Cute Girls BiscuitNuts,Seaweed and etc.Tokyo Disney Plastic Bag

**Fatty Restaurant**

Last Saturday, my hubby and i went to have lunch at this Fatty Restaurant in town. I'm not sure whether this restaurant can be considered as the branch of Fatty Restaurant at Kemayan Square. Anyhow, this restaurant served Chinese and Western food.

Yee Mee RM4.80Chicken Chop Rice RM4.80

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.

::American Breakfast - 06Nov06::

I have been quite some time didn't update my blog... :) I'm BACK....
This morning, i have wake up early because i wanted to make my hubby a nice breakfast. Due to my laziness, i have never cook him breakfast since we got married.

This is easy breakfast which consist of scrambled egg, ham, some cucumber and some tomato. You can have this with some bread...


Last Tuesday (12th Sep), i went to Jusco with my hubby and there is a Aikido presentation in the small area. This Aikido presentation is presented from those representative from few countries...Besides, there is presentation on how to do some simple self defense.Do you ever think to send your kids for this aikido?