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Hope Darling Happy Always!!

When your love one told you that he willing to do anything to make you happy, will you feel touch? I think most of the people in the world will get touch with this.

"I willing to do anything to make you happy!"

Anyhow, i feel touch but also pressure when i hear this sentence. When you know that your love one is unhappy or unwilling to do that because of you look sad, he rather that he suffer himself to make you happy. Do you think you will be happy to see your love one suffer? I think most of the people in the world who have love will say "NO, WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY.".

"Darling, please do the things that you will feel happy because my sadness is just for short while. I want you to be happy because your happiness will bring me happiness too. Money and status can't buy happiness...... The love from you is my happiness.... I Love You Forever"

Feeling **Down**

I'm not sure whether i'm mentally tired or physically tired. Maybe the things happen yesterday caused me **Down**. Actually, i feel sad but i just do not want to give my hubby too much pressure and i just want him to be happy. When i talked to him this morning, he sounded unhappy and make me worried about him....

At first, i plan to send him a mail to tell him "my feeling" but after re-considerate i think if he read that will make him more pressure. So, i think is good to write it down somewhere which i can read but not him, to express all my sad feeling.

I think both of us, now also feel sad on the decision make but i really hope that this incidents really let us learn a lesson. When i do/work on something, this lesson will always in my mind and i will not let myself and my hubby do it again.