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eoe Online

17Mar09, before this day, i always choose my digital photos, burn it to CD and bring it to the shop, bargaining with the shopers to get a better deal. I'm so happy that i will not need to do all these now... because i found this interesting online service eoe Online from 旋律. Thank you gal... :)

The eoe Online having lots of good stuff, example
1. To those who like to buy Camera, there is Camera Gallery with the latest news on different model of Camera, review, ranking, comparison and etc.

2. To those who like to share photos with friends and family or those who like to download nice photos, get it from Photo Funs.

3. To those who like to print the photos online or buy any camera products, there is a Shopping. There is promotion items also.... wao...

4. The good things for everyone is you can participate on some of the competition.... now ongoing is 'My Happy Baby'.... :) do you think i should put Baby Ryan photos for that also... hehehe... :)

The most attractive things are.... e…