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My New House -Part I

My hubby and i have bought a house, we wanted to have our "Dream" house... Anyhow, we do not have enough saving to make our "Dream" house, so some of the things we just cut from our "LONG" list.

Last night, we went to the house because the plaster man claims that they have finished with their work. The plaster ceiling just painted and most of the lights are installed. Anyhow, we did find slight things that we are not satisfied. Living Room Dining Area Kitchen Bedroom

The next step for us.... is to paint the house..... :-( My hubby and i will start painting the house from tomorrow onwards...


Sunday morning.... while i'm very excited because today i have to select my wedding photos. Anyhow, we have finished selecting the photo within 2 hrs. As mention by the Sales Person there, usually the couple will need 3 hours.

After that we heading to the funiture shop in Ampang, decided to change our coffee table but as stated on the receipt "good sold are not returnable". So, we decided to keep that coffee table then.

We go to SS2 from Ampang to collect the lights from the shop there. After that we went for to this "tong sui" shop located in SS2

The first time i went to this shop is with LeeYan. Mimi and her hubby brought us there to try the "Char Choy Yuk Si Mee". I think this is the 4th times i went to this shop with my family.
榨菜肉丝面 RM4.80 皮蛋瘦肉粥 RM3.00 港式猪肠粉 RM5.20 绿豆汤水 RM2.20 麦粥 RM2.20

**Old Town Kopitiam**

Last Saturday, we went to my house to check out the progress of the plaster ceiling. After that, we decided to have lunch at Old Town Kopitiam in Jusco. I have been this place few times, the one i like most is "Polo" bun... and Chocolate Ice. Anyhow, this time i tried the "Ipoh Sar Hao Fun", it cost RM5.50++ and only have 1 prawn cut into 2...not really worth it.

My Brother House

This is my brother house at Kelana Jaya... the house is quite spacious and is in front of the swimming pool. All the decoration is done by my parents... I like to stay at my brother house is because he has streamyx and wireless router... so i can online every corner of the house...

**food republic**

This food court is located at Orchard Road, Singapore. We have our dinner and is crowded with people. Maybe the time i went is Mega Sales time..... The Fried Mee with Seafood with the "old times" packing and oyster egg. Besides, we also ordered the Set Dinner with Soup, Salted Chicken and "Cai Choy"... Overall, the food is ok only...


This year same as previous year, my dad will need to go Singapore to do medical check up. So, my sister requested to go for this "ji bao kai"(paper wrap chicken). Everytime we came to JB, sure we will have our lunch at this shop... and according to my dad, this is the first shop which having this "ji bao kai" and others is just copy cat.....

**Beard Papa's**

I read from a blog which is one of my favourite blog name Babe in the city about this Beard Papa's cream puff. So, i went to Mid Valley with my hubby... and he bought me this cream puff.... is really yummy with all the cream in your mouth.... unluckily.. not everyone like to eat puff with cream....i tried the vanila and chocolate... and i still prefer vanila...

**Crystal Jade**

Crystal Jade is located at Ground Floar of Mid Valley. This Cystal Jade is actually from Singapore, where i did go to the one in Singapore to buy the egg tart. So, I'm so happy when i know there are opening a branch in KL. I thought it is exactly the same as the one in Lot 10, but it is not... because this is "Fast Food".... Anyhow, the price for the food is not cheap....

**Soo Kee**

There is one day, my parents ask us to go Ampang to have a look at the funiture in a funiture shop. Anyhow, before my parents reach there, my hubby and i have parked our car. My hubby who is always "wai sek" wanted to have something... because he said he is hungry. So, we went this shop near the funiture shop... which sell roast pork, roast duck and etc.... So, we order a drumstick and some "char siu"... do you know how much it cost???

Is RM20.00....with only one rice......Actually, the taste of this is almost same as the one we have in Seremban with the "long char siu"


I can't remember when i went to this small shop at 1U to try the "mee sua"...Anyhow, i think is quite nice to eat, but the best is this egg roll...

**Thai Food Fair**

21st May 06, Seremban Parade is having Thailand Food Fair. So, we try out the famous food from Thailand which is "Tom Yam"....:-) I can said that the "Tom Yam" is really nice and not too spicy for me..... It cost RM5 per bowl. Besides, we did try the mango rice too..... guess what?? The rice is sweet..... that's why i think mango rice is too sweet because the mango itself is sweet... and go with the rice also sweet... so sweet + sweet = double sweet.....(too sweet)

**适苑 (Sek Yuen)**

28th May 06, we went to this restaurant located near Jln Pudu. We know about this restaurant through a tv program, but we didn't order the food recommended in the tv program. We just ordered normal dishes. Anyhow, all the waiter here is wearing white shirt, just like 'ah gong' type.... :-) The food is ok but we have waited for an hour to get the food......
"Cai Choy" (Mixed Vegetable)
"Cheong Cheng Fei Chow" (Talapia fish with sauce)
Roast Duck


2nd Jun 06, we went to windmill for lunch. It is located at Subang Jaya, near Sheraton Hotel. Actually, my dad is going for medical checkup at SJMC, while waiting for the report we went to this restaurant. No one is enjoying this lunch because we are worry... After lunch, we went to collect the report and my dad pass with flying colors... fish and chip "kungpo" chicken soup and bread Windmill