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25Dec08, we wish you a merry christmas... we wish you a merry christmas... we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. I like this day very much, because is a christmas and today also my 5th aunty birthday. We have a short celebration with my aunty + good food at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant which i like most.

bb Ryan(red nose reindeer)... :) how nice to have a baby celebrating the christmas with...

My Birthday

xxDec08, i'm actually very proud to be a December baby... hahaha.. :) The reason i like December very much is because Christmas fall on December. Besides, when schooling time, we always have a long school holiday in December, then i will get to buy new school bag, pencil box and etc before school reopen in January.

This year is a special year for me as i will have my bb Ryan to celebrate my birthday together, although this is the 2nd time celebrating, because he knows how to clap his hand when we sing the birthday song. Since the 1st time celebrating my birthday together with him, he is just 3 months old and i think he didn't really know what is happening... :)

Besides, my uncle and aunty + my cousin back from Australia came to visit us. Happy to have them together for my birthday.

**Thanks to my hubby who bought me my favourite cake and also give me a suprise present... new camera...I'm really lucky to have such a good hubby... love you..**

Christmas Tree

06Dec08, mother has setup the christmas tree... but everyone is looking forward for the christmas presents under the tree. Sis took the christmas hat and tried to make bb Ryan weared it. bb Ryan is not cooperative, so he try to take it out when we try to put it on. hahaha... :) finally, we have to ask father to put it on to take photo with that naughty bb Ryan.

Baby Ryan - 14 Months

13Nov08, actually i try to read story for bb Ryan before he goes to sleep, but i fail. The reason is bb Ryan like to snatch the story book from me while i read to him. So, until today i did not successfully read him a story book, but we did read together.

He is now tall enough to get the things from the table, which i used to put all his necessity but i'm happy that he now how to unzip the pouch to throw out the things... can i say he learn a new skill?

Baby Ryan going to Work?

26Oct08, bb Ryan is really a good boy... he is going to work. hehe.. :) i'm so happy when this day come, that's mean i don't need to work anymore..... i'm so lazy. **sorry baobei, mama is too lazy**

Baby Ryan - 13 Months

13Oct08, bb Ryan always exploring the drawer and cabinet in the house. He did all kind of stunt trying to play the things which we try to hide from him.

He actually doesn't really like to play his own toy but always play those things that is not "TOY", example: remote control, cable and etc. Why i say that.... see the evidence i got...

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Musical Chair

01Oct08, dad bought bb Ryan "Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Musical Chair" as the 1st birthday gift. Bb Ryan like this presents very much, maybe because it have songs and lights... that catch his attention. I did enjoy looking at him playing on the chair. He doesn't know how to sit on the chair but he try hard, finally he got it. **Happy** I quickly clap my hand... see his happy face... because he successfully sit on his own on the chair....I'm proud of him... **i love you, bao bei**

Baby Ryan - 12 Months

14Sep08, bb Ryan received alot of presents from grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunties. Although he didn't enjoy much on his birthday party, but i'm sure he did enjoy after that because he has alot of toys to play with.
tracy + grandpa + grandma + ryandecorationblue black eyepresents...
Guess what i bought for him for his 1st birthday?? :) Is his first tooth brush... unfortunately, i'm too late... because his teeth turning black. I really have no idea what cause that and brough him to see the dentist, the dentist asked me what food that i gave him until his teeth turn black. Oh no!! nothing can be done... he needs a scaling... do you think a baby boy who just 1 year old will let the dentist do the scaling?? no way....**sob**sob**

Baby Ryan - ONE year old

13Sep08, bb Ryan turn to 1 year old on this special day. Actually, we didn't plan to have big celebration for him, anyhow my mum thinks that we didn't have a full moon party for him, so we should have a birthday party for him. I choose the birthday party theme to be in blue color... hahaha... :) you all will think, why i'm so old fashion... always think blue is for boy....
Here are what i prepared:
1. Invitation card, i found this invitation card which is cute and the main character is Pocoyo.
2. I choose the catering food from Lucky Restaurant in Kemayan Square because it allows me to customize the food that i want and not like others restaurant which have fix the type of food.
3. Ordering the cake, choose his favourite cartoon character... from Baby Genius(Vinko the dancing bear)
4. Seek help from Jane my best friend, who currently in Phx to buy some birthday decorations since the decorations from US is really nice... lucky things is my hubby is going to US so he get to bring…