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Baby Ryan - 16 Months

13Jan09, BB Ryan already 16mths old. I have make a decision to stop taking pacifier. Anyhow, i didn't manage to do it when he is in 16mths old. He can't stop climbing up and down from the chair... so we can't really leave him alone.

::ShaoXin Chicken 绍兴酒鸡::

04Jan09, I go through my cook book today and think of cooking this dish called shaoxin chicken 绍兴酒鸡. Anyhow, i think the taste of this dish which i tried in the restaurant is totally different from the one i cook. hahaha... :) maybe i failed on the dish. Anyhow, i did give it a try... maybe i should try it again.

::Ang Ku Kuey 红龟糕::

03Jan09, actually i like to eat ang ku kuey with smash green peas but not others like shredded coconut. I like it very much and that's the reason why i join the baking class, just to learn how to make it. haha.. :) My mum laugh at me because the most i can eat is 2 to 3 pieces, why waste time to learn how to make it. My hubby doesn't really like this kind of kuey, so i bring this to my parents... hahaha.. :) my parents like ang ku kuey also, i have made 20 to 25 pieces. My dad finish half of it for me.... i know that my dad always support me, as he willing to try on anything that i bake and cook. Dad, i love you so much...

Tracy's 2nd Birthday

03Jan09, time really flies and Tracy turn to 2 years old. I really proud of her, as she already knows alot of things in her age of 2. She knows how to ride on bicycle, she knows how to eat drumstick on her own and etc.

Her parents did not plan to have a big birthday party for her this year and strictly only family members. I do not know what to buy for her as her birthday gift, anyhow i think most of the gals like dress... so i plan to buy her a pooh dress which winnie the pooh is her favourite.

::Pan Fry Salmon & Steamed Pork Belly In Nam Yee Sauce(红烧花肉)::

02Jan09, I wanted to cook this Pan Fry Salmon for quite some time... finally here is the recipe:

What you need:

How to do:
1. Melt the butter with pan.
2. Fried the Salmon until golden brown and add in some garlic on it.

Steamed Pork Belly In Nam Yee Sauce 红烧花肉(Hawker's Fair Simplified:Alan Kok and Bryan Ong)
Anyhow, i have used the 3 layer pork meat... i think i have over steam it, so when I cut the meat and it spread. I try to serve this with plain bun, so it is still taste not too bad.

**Ah Cui Bak Kut Teh 阿水肉骨茶 @Lukut**

07Dec08, today is SuetLi and Chris wedding day. Looe recommended the Ah Cui Bak Kut Teh in Lukut. This shop offer 2 types of bak kut teh, soup and dry.

I haven't tasted the Klang dry and soup bak kut teh before, but i think the food here is not that bad. This post is due too long ago, so i can't really remember the taste.. :) hope that i will have chance to go and try it again.

Of course i won't forget to post some of my lovely BB Ryan photos...