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Last Tuesday (12th Sep), i went to Jusco with my hubby and there is a Aikido presentation in the small area. This Aikido presentation is presented from those representative from few countries...Besides, there is presentation on how to do some simple self defense.Do you ever think to send your kids for this aikido?


Last Saturday(9th Sep), the kitchen installer came to install the kitchen cabinet. We are so happy that we have such a wonderful kitchen, but there is one thing that disappoint us. We bought this hood from a shopping center, but we found that there is some part of the hood is rusty. Here is the picture...
Anyhow, we have make a complaint to the sales person, but he seems like 'tak ada apa'. Actually, he promised us that he will let us know whether any replacement. Anyhow, we have waited for 7 days and there is no news.
Finally, my hubby called the headquarters to make the complaint and they promise to replace that by this saturday.... :-)

Oracle 8i "Move to 10g with RAC" Workshop

Last Thursday (7th Sept), me and Fong went for this Workshop at Hotel Nikko. There are not many people... Anyhow, i think this workshop is quite good in updating us on the latest technology that Oracle have and also introduce the new features in their new product. :-)Murtabak... Scenery I Scenery II