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Alabang, Philippines - Day 6

11Jul08, hooray!!!!! i'm going back to M'sia today. I can see my baby, my hubby and my family... :) i miss them all. I wake up early to walk around the hotel and take my breakfast as slow as i can... :) I will leave the hotel at 1pm. My flight back to M'sia will be at 4.50pm.
Cafe d'AsieBuffet TableSwimming PoolHotel Building

I took the cab from hotel to airport. Oh No! You won't believe the airport is crowded and messy. I think this airport is something similar to our Subang Old Airport. I waited for about 10 mins, then only Check In counter open, i started to queue... do you know how long i have been queuing?? I queued for 2+hrs. I only manage to check in at almost 4.00pm. I can't imagine the others who queue behind me.

I'm in the plane now... this is my first time taking the aeroplane with the screen in front of me. hehe.. :) i know.. i'm quite outdated. Anyhow, is nice to have this so that i can choose my favourite channel.

Alabang, Philippines - Day 5

10Jul08, yes... today is my last day to work in Philippines that's the reason why my big smile is on my happy face for the whole day. My boss, Jed and team here is going to treat me dinner. I can't wait for the time to pass faster... (am i too lazy?) No, i'm just home sick and can't wait to go home as soon as possible.

The dinner is at Alabang Town Center, WOW! This shopping center is so nice... too bad i didn't do my survey well before coming to Philippines. This is much nicer compare to Festival Mall. Thank you so much for April's help, as he brough me to buy some local handicraft for my family. Unluckily, i don't dare to take out my camera to take photos with other.. because i'm just too SHY. Anyhow, i have a great dinner with my team and boss, we have our dinner at a Brazalian Restaurant...

Everyone must be asking, why don't they bring me to try some local nice food... i am also wondering... :@|@:

Alabang, Philippines - Day 4

09Jul08, 4th day... i'm counting down the day to be back home. I really miss home, miss my baby and of course my hubby too. Today, i plan to go shopping alone, because Hong Fong and Anne are having dinner with their boss again. So, i took the hotel shuttle to Festival Mall. Before i left the hotel, i met Anne and Hong Fong. Anne told me the first day we went to Festival Mall, she saw some guys following us, so she asked me to becareful since i'm alone. So, i decided not to take dinner, but just shop for souvenior and take away some food to have it at the hotel. I spent 1 hrs there to get some souvenior for my lunch mates, but i can't find any for my family. My dinner is..... "Wendy", yes... another fast food for me.

Alabang, Philippines - Day 3

08Jul08, today is 3rd day in Alabang. Hong Fong and Anne have not decided whether they will have dinner with me or not since their boss had cancelled the dinner yesterday so he might postponed to today. To be safe, i asked the driver to stop me at the fast food drive-thru to buy some food. I never see this fast food restaurant in any other country, so i believe this is local fast food restaurant, "JollyBee". The burger is too small for me... hehehe... :) and the taste is just NORMAL.

Alabang, Philippines Day 2

07Jul08, today is my second day in Philippines, but is my first day to work in Philippines. I feel a bit nervous because i need to learn as much as i can since my colleague here has resigned. After the first day of knowledge transdfer, i feel that the things that he is handling is very complicated.

Since Hong Fong and Anne are not around, so i decided to have my dinner at the hotel. I can't really remember the name of the food that i ordered. The bread is sour but is complimentary, and the soup is nice. About the main course, is Philippines speciality but the chicken with sauce are too sweet for me.. :)