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Mooncake Festival

03Oct09, mooncake festival. We went back to my parent's house to celebrate mooncake festival. This year, PP bought Ryan a new electrical lantern, which is a ladybug. Actually, i planned to buy him the traditional lantern, but PP said is just too dangerous for him to play with because the candle may drop off and burn the lantern.

Mum's prepared the chinese tea and mooncake, and we enjoyed that at the front yard. Sis and I, put up all the laterns... the funny thing is Ryan always want to blow off the candle, and he asked us to sing birthday song. After he blow off the candle, he will clapped his hand happily.

Ryan's 2nd Birthday

13Sep09, today is the actual birthday for Ryan. I notice that he actually loves to blow the candle of the cake, and he is happy that we sing him a birthday song. And his mother, me, is addicted to see him happily blowing the cake, that's why i decided to buy him a piece of cake with candle.

See how happy he is looking at his cake... :) Love you forever, Ryan.

**Buzz lightyear birthday party decorations...

Baby Ryan Turn 2

12Sep09, time flies... baby ryan already turn 2. We have decided to have his birthday party on Saturday, so that his aunties and uncles can celebrate together with him. This year, we decided not to have a big birthday party.

This year, we decided to use his favourite cartoon... Toy Story, as his birthday party theme. I try to get the bunting, table cover, party hat and etc. Anyway, the sad part is i can't get a toy story birthday banner for him. :( Thank my parents and my sis to get those stuff for me in Toy's R us. As i can't get any free time to go shopping. Thank you thank you... :)

Did you all see the blue car? :) Is the birthday present from his father and grandmother, anyway, he is scared to sit in that. Guess what i buy for Ryan birthday..... "nothing".. :)

Anyway, want to wish him Happy Birthday and grow up healthy and happy always... Ryan, mama and papa love you forever.

Brother's Birthday 2009

15Aug09, this year brother didn't come back for his birthday celebration, so i have decided to treat him later of the day. We decided to go Weng Heong Restaurant, every time we came to this restaurant, we will order the same old dishes. Maybe these dishes are our family favourite, which are Salad Prawn, YukLan Chicken, Oyster Sauce Beancurd and fish. Yummy... yummy.... :)

::Mushroom Chicken Rice冬菇鸡饭::

23Aug09, i have tried to cook claypot chicken rice before, but i think the rice is too soggy. So, this time i try to cook the mushroom chicken rice in the rice cooker. I think the claypot chicken rice taste much better than the mushroom chicken rice, using rice cooker will not have the rice too soggy problem. I don't understand why, taking too much of this rice, i will feel thirsty. ^_^ weird....