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Happy Birthday Koko

02Aug08, this year brother birthday falls on Saturday, so mother plan to cook "mee sua" (one type of noddle) for lunch to celebrate his birthday. This "mee sua" is one of my hubby favorite food, some time i did cook for him but my version will not be as tasty as my mum version. Since is my brother birthday, so each of us will have a drumstick with the noddle, there is also fish ball, vege and etc....yummy...yummy....

Happy Birthday Koko....may all your wishes come true in this special day....old post.. :) but still want to take this opportunity to wish him...
do you see drumstick? tracy eatingbaby ryan cryingchocolate birthday cakehappy family

**Nyonya Colours@Mid Valley**

13Jul08, hubby decided to take dinner before going back to Seremban, so we choose Nyonya Colours since we never try that before and BB Ryan is sleeping. While our food arrived on our table, the little monster wake up and start making noise again.. :(

**Yo! Sushi@Mid Valley**

13Jul08, hubby decided to bring BB Ryan and me to go shop around at Mid Val. What is the lunch for today? We decided to try this new sushi restaurant, Yo!Sushi. I think the table/seat for us is not suitable as BB Ryan will grab everything he can reach on the table, as all the bottles and plates in the middle of the table. Besides, the baby seat is blocking my way, that's make me feel inconvenient.

Overall, the food here is nice but the price for me is quite high... :) hehe... maybe i'm too stingy.

Address: Mid Valley, PJ

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.

**Bee Kee@Temiang, Seremban** (August Babies Birthday Celebration)

28Jul08, hehe... celebration... with my lunch mates for August Babies. :) We decided to celebrate at Bee Kee, Temiang. I remember i did try the food here quite some time ago, i don't quite like the food and the price is quite high compare to other restaurant in Seremban. Our organizer for this celebration is Kow, he decided maybe we can give a try on Bee Kee. Overall, i think the food is quite nice compare to the last time i came here but the price is still above normal price.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish 3 of them, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
Baby Kailan (清炒菜旦)Seafood Asam (阿参海鲜煲)Beancurd(海鲜豆腐)Shaoxin Chicken (绍兴酒鸡)Pork Rib (排骨王)Dishes of the nightBirthday CakeAugust BabiesBlow the candlesBee Kee

Address: Temiang, Seremban

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.

80th Birthday Celebration

12Jul08, my 2nd Aunty is having her 80 years old birthday celebration. There are around 130 ppl attending this birthday party. Hubby and I are planning to bring BB Ryan to the dinner, anyhow he can't stop screaming and crying. Anyway, we all did enjoy alot in this celebration. The restaurant we having our dinner is Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, is one of my favourite restaurant in Seremban.
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