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::Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶::

09Feb09, whenever i go out to have bak kut teh, i will think that is it worth it? Bak kut teh which we have in those shop per person cost RM8, but not much meat, few slices of beancurd skin and etc. Anyhow, the cost for a claypot of bak kut teh that i cook is around RM20.... haha... :) is quite expensive also, anyhow i get to put more beancurd skin, mushroom, meat and etc into the soup. yum... yum....

::Crunchy CheeseCake::

08Feb09, I bake this crunchy cheesecake base on Agnes Chang, "Baking Made Easy". I think the texture of this cake that i bake is too dry, for sure there will be another attempt on this. Besides, the cake shown in the recipe book seems like so moisture and in square shape, but i bake it in round shape, does this matter? :) Find any excuse for my failure.

Chinese New Year(CNY) 15th Day

09Feb09, today is the 15th Day of Chinese New Year, which is the last day to enjoy this festive season. My parents invited us to go to the temple with them, to have vegeterian food. We are so lucky because there is a lion dance for this day and we are happy that Ryan got this chance to see the lion dance. Anyhow, hubby worried that the drum and the cymbals is too loud for a baby. Luckily, Ryan didn't cry when he see the lion dance with the loud music.

After that, we brought Ryan to Jusco, he is so happy. Hubby wanted to have some food in Mahatthan Fish Market, he always said the food that he had in the temple is not enough.

::Steam Chicken 玉兰鸡::

02Feb09, i suddenly fall in love with this dish, that's why i try to go through all the recipe books that i have and found this... steam chicken (玉兰鸡). Anyhow, the recipe suggested to use half of the chicken, but i just used 2 drumsticks. Besides, i have put too much vegetables to decorate the dish. The speciality of this dish is there will be ham top on the chicken... yum... yum...

Besides the steam chicken, i did cook the steam fish and also ginger pork (姜葱猪肉).

I'm thinking, shall i put the photo that i took for my lunch? I cooked the hakka mee in egg sauce... i named it as "滑蛋客家面". I know, my sis sure said that after looking at the photo also don't feel like eating... :) but is yummy... my hubby sure will finish the whole bowl...

Mum's Birthday

01Feb09, today is mum's birthday... it fall on the CNY 7th Day. This day also consider as everyone birthday for the chinese(人日). So, we went to Fei Cai Restaurant at town to have simple lunch, then we headed to King's Confectionery to buy a birthday cake for mum.

Dinner, we decided to go for Lucky Restaurant at S2... overall the dishes is not so good and the price is quite expensive.

After dinner, we went back to mum's house to sing birthday song and cake cutting for the 2 babies, Tracy and Ryan. Unluckily, BB Ryan is too tired and he fall asleep... but the bad mother like me, did wake him up to take photo with his grandma.

Happy Birthday Mum... we always love you....

Chinese New Year(CNY) 5th Day

30Jan09, i can't remember what happen on that day... :) just want to post some Ryan photos..

Chinese New Year(CNY) 3rd Day

28Jan09, 3rd day of CNY... hubby decided to treat my parents for dinner. We went to Weng Heong Restauraunt to enjoy our dinner. I only took photo of 2 dishes and didn't manage to take others because too busy eating and taking care of Ryan.
Steam Chicken (玉兰鸡)Oyster Sauce Beancurd (豪汁贵妃豆腐)

Chinese New Year(CNY) 2nd Day

27Jan09, 2nd day of CNY... no visiting to any of the friends or relatives house. So, I brought Ryan back to my mum house. Anyhow, mum will need to attend aunty Geraldine birthday party in KL, and i didn't join them together because hubby feel lazy.. :) what a good excuse.

P/S: Did you see this little cute girl... :) she is my lovely niece...

Chinese New Year (CNY) 1st Day

26Jan09, today is CNY 1st day, i still remember last year CNY, Ryan still doesn't know how to walk, he is only 4 mths old. This year, he is more enjoyable since he can walks steadily and he is 16 mths old... Kids will always enjoy the CNY and adults will feel bored on this day... but i like to have holiday and there is a lot of nice food to eat during CNY. Haha.. :) Now only i notice, actually hubby, Ryan and me also wearing blue color on the 1st theme colour... "BLUE"