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**Chakri Palace**

10th Dec 06, this is a special day for me and my hubby. Today is the 1st anniversary of our registration to become husband-wife. Anyhow, i asked my hubby,"Do you think we should celebrate the registration date or wedding ceremony date?". Actually, i'm thinking, why can't we celebrate both... :D so that we have more excuse to go for nice food.

So, i told my hubby that i read from KY Speaks blog of nice roasted pork. Anyhow, i forget to print the map and we are going around and can't find the place. Then i suggested to my hubby, maybe we should go to Yut Kee, which i read from Life of Food Lover. Anyhow, i also don't know the place well, so my mission failed.

Finally, we are too hungry and think maybe we should go to KLCC. Sure there is some nice food there. So, we went to Chakri Palace for Thai cuisine.
Pineapple Fried Rice RM14++Green curry beef RM18++
Tom Yam Kung RM18++Prawn from Tom Yam Kung is not fresh.. :(

Overall, the dishes is ok but i remember the previous visit it taste nicer... :)


*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.


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*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.