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Baby Ryan - Six Month

13Mar08, baby Ryan is 6th mth old... i feel a bit sad that all photos that i have taken for the past 6 mths are 90% blur. I'm not sure whether it is my poor photography skill or my camera is too "old fashion"... :) I think i better save some money to buy a higher pixel camera. Another reason why i didn't get good photos, as i do not to turn on the "flash" as i think it will harm BB Ryan's eyes. When Ryan took his first solid food, it was "Brown Rice". He didn't really like it intially but after few feedings, he has developed a passion for it.

My 2nd solid food attempt for BB Ryan was "Carrot Puree". Until now he still didn't show any interest in it. Ever since BB Ryan started taking solid food, he has been constantly babbling... Seeing him growing day by day, i feel really grateful to have him in our life......... BB Ryan, mama&papa love you so much..

Baby Ryan - Five Month

13Feb08, 5 mths old... Yes, baby Ryan is 5 mths old.... He finally learned how to roll over, but he has not master the rolling skill yet. I'm sure after a few practise he will be good in it.

"BLUE" Seat

I bought this Blue Bumbo Seat from the online store, Actually, i like to visit this online store because there are a lot of nice baby stuffs that i can purchase and the service provided is really good. Once you purchased and made payment, the goods will arrive at your door step within 2 days.
I let BB Ryan sit on this bumbo seat to watch his favourite cartoon.. :)

Baby Ryan - Four Month

13Jan08, Baby Ryan is 4 mth old. I heard from my mother in law that i will loose my hair when baby Ryan is 4 mth old. It really happened to me, and every corner of the hse is full of my hair. Unfortunately, this also happen to my baby Ryan. Since he is loosing his hair, so we decided to cut his hair similar to his father hair style

Baby Ryan - Three Month

13 Dec 07, Baby Ryan is 3 mth old.. everyone around is asking me the same question, "Did Ryan know how to roll over?".. The only thing i can answer is, "No." but actually i feel worry because i do remember Tracy already know how to roll over when she was 3 mth old, but why not Ryan follow? Perhaps he is like his mother..lazy!!