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Jane & John Wedding

01Aug09, I want to take this opportunity to congrat Jane and John. Besides, I was so happy that they invited us to their wedding. What a lovely couple... the prince and princess happily ever after.

::Fried Fish & Pork Ribs::

26Jul09, fried fish and pork ribs. Can't really remember what is this pork ribs... i think is 红烧排骨。

::Stewed Pork Ribs with Potatoes & Long Beans::

28Jun09, stewed pork ribs with potatoes and long beans. The photo in the recipe book is so nice... but the one i cook look...a bit dull. Anyway, the taste is quite nice.

Father's Day 2009

20Jun09, this year father's day celebration, i brought my dad, mum and sis to try the newly open Matsu Japanese Restaurant at Seremban2. The restaurant is crowded but we manage to have a seat. That day the restaurant do not provide any Bento set, so i just ordered few speciality dishes. Here are some of the dishes....

Althought the food taste nice but the portion is too little, beside i felt unhappy for their service too. So, i plan to have another celebration with my parents and sis at Hee Lai Ton... :) yes... the same old restaurant we used to go.... as usual.. we ordered the same old dishes..but still taste nice. I think is more worth it..

Baby Ryan - 21 Months

13Jun09, Ryan is 21 months old. When he was 10 months old, we took ryan for his first swimming session and soon after that, he felt sick for almost a month. On that day onwards, MIL doesn't allow us to bring him to swim. So, after +10 few months, I have decided to give another try and I brought him for a swim again. haha.. :) but now I realized that ryan is afraid of water instead. He doesn't want to go into the pool, instead he rather walk along the pool side.**sigh** It is my fault for stopping him from swimming since the last incident and now he is afraid of the pool.

Ryan likes bowling alot, so we brought him to the bowling alley to see how others bowl. He was so excited and happily clapping his hands when he saw someone throwing the ball onto the lane.

Hubby thinks that Ryan has grown up alot and decided to buy him a train set... he is so excited in seeing his dad setting up railway tracks and etc. He can't stop playing through the whole night.

::Friend Carrot Cake(炒萝卜)::

07Jun09, fried carrot cake. The taste is not nice. **mission failed** but it did look delicious... :)

::Fried Brinjal & Fried Pork Rib::

24May09, fried brinjal and fried pork rib.

Visit Malacca

17May09, was the 2nd time we brought Ryan to Malacca to visit his "Gu Ma". Actually we went to Malacca was to attend a colleague wedding dinner and we took this opportunity to visit sister in law and family. Ryan was so happy staying in Malacca as he gets to play with his cousins. Besides, my sister in law searched all the old toys out ofr him to bring home. He really enjoyed while they tidy up the toys for him. After that, we went to Restaurant Bei Zhan to have lunch before heading back to Seremban.

Baby Ryan - 20 Months

13May09, 20 months old... Ryan. I think i only took around 4 to 5 photos when he was 20 months old.

Mother's Day 2009

10May09, for this year Mother Day celebration, we went to Allson Klana Japanese Restaurant (Yuri Japanese Restaurant) for Buffet Lunch. We booked a room because we would like to have the space for children to run around. This is a great idea as we do not need to worry on their where abouts... and most importantly, a peaceful lunch for evevryone...

Mother enjoyed herself a lot on this special occaasion. Thank you mama for taking good care of us, love you mama very much. :)

::Claypot Chicken Rice (瓦褒鸡饭)::

03May09, i cook this claypot chicken rice some time ago, this is my 3rd attempt. Slightly better, but the rice still soggy. **mission failed**

Mother in law Birthday

25Apr09, every year my sister in law and family will come back to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. Usuall they will buy the Black Forest cake for her as birhtday cake, which is her favourite.

How i hope i can take photos on the dishes for dinne, but my mil doesn't like people to take photo on the food. Usually, when i go out to have meal together with her, i will not take photo because she will sure feel unhappy. So, i can't remember what we have for her birthday. Again, Ryan feels so happy because he can blow the candles again after we sing the birthday song.

I really feel happy to have family gathering and celebration together. Thank you my brother in law and sister in law who travel back to Seremban, not only to celebrate birthday but also taking care Ryan for us.

Happy birthday lai lai... healthy and happy always.

Hubby Birthday

130409, when Ryan turning to 19 months old, his father is turning... xx. Shall i write it here? If he reads this, he will be super angry because i let everyone knows how old he is. So i better not...

Because of today is working day, so dad and mum decided to treat him dinner. We went to Hee Lai Ton Restaurant again... and we ordered the same old dishes..

Dad and mum were tired, so they headed back home right after the dinner but they did remind me to buy a birthday cake to celebrate with hubby and Ryan. So, i bought the fruit cake. Ryan was happily singing the birthday songs (actually is babbling)... and blew the candles.

Happy birthday to you darling... love you forever!

Baby Ryan - 19 Months

13Apr09, 19months... Ryan is going turn 2 soon, so i'm thinking to teach him how to ride the tricycle. So, I bought a tricycle from Tesco for him. I'm so happy to see his excited expression...

Nowadays, i usually will let Ryan play at the car porch in the evening if we didn't go to mum's house or else where. So, there is one day... he is sitting on his tractor...and play at the car porch but he fall from his tractor...(四脚朝天) good that he never cry... :)

::Fried 3 Slices Noddle(三丝炒面)::

22Mar09, I like to eat this 三丝炒面 in Esquire Kitchen, so i plan to give it a try. The 3 slices (三丝), which actually is slice carrot, bean sprout and slice mushroom. The taste is totally differnt from the one i tasted in Esquire Kitchen. :) So, it means mission is failed but the taste is of this noddle is consider ok.

::Stewed Pork Ribs::

15Mar09, stewed pork ribs and vege.

What you need:
600g Pork Ribs
1 Carrot (cut to pieces)
4 Mushrooms
Chopped garlic
2tbsp Oyster Sauce
600ml Water

How to do:
1. Put some oil, then fry the garlic and add in the pork ribs.
2. After that, add in the carrot and mushrooms.
3. Fry all that with the Oyster Sauce and add in the water.
4. Simmer for around 30 to 40mins, served hot.

BeiBei - Coming Soon

14Mar09, we are invited to Lukut for hubby's cousin housewarming. The house is beautifully renovated with a big kitchen which i hope i can have one also. On that night, i bought the pregnancy tester... at first i'm hesitate to test it because afraid of the disappointment again. Anyhow, i do hope that this time it will give me a positive result which show 2 lines. Yes... yes... yes...2 lines.... i'm expecting my 2nd baby... "Beibei".

Baby Ryan - 18 Months

13Mar09, yes... Ryan already 18 months old. I stop giving him the pacifier, and he never ask from me also. I'm proud of my son, he manage to stop his pacifier without me using harsh way to stop him, like putting chilli sauce on the pacifier or cut the pacifier and etc.. This month, i spent alot to buy him the Phonics Fun. How i hope i can send him for the Shichida class, unfortunately i can't because of the distance and also the fees problem. Fortunately that i learn alot from the early123 forum and also sgparenting. Of course i have a friend who also help me alot is WaiKuan. I actually started to teach Ryan with some flash cards and currently wanted to start the speed reading. He did like it for the 1st time because i teach him how to kick his leg with slow speed to fast speed by following the CD.