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**Curry Leaf@Rasah, Seremban**

12Jun08, nowadays my mother in law seldom cook dinner for us, so sometime we have dinner on our own. Today, hubby and I decided to visit Curry Leaf at Rasah, Seremban. This restaurant is famous for their curry fish head and banana leaf rice. So, each time we visit this place, we will take the banana leaf rice. There are around 7 to 8 side dishes, example: bean curd, spinach..., the most popular side dish is brinjal. Besides the side dishes, you can order some main dish like fish, curry chicken and etc. Btw, papadam and rice is free flow... The brinjal that i had on that day was too spicy... :) ending up taken few glasses of water. This is one of the must visit restaurant in Seremban whenever we have any company visitor from oversea. That's the reason, the price is above average. Since my last visit, I find the food is not as good as before.. perhaps the good cook has gone back to his homeland ?? :)

decorations for the placebanana leaf rice with side dishes - RM4.60rendang chickeng…

Baby Ryan - Eight Month

13May08, how time flies!.. bb Ryan hasn't been feeling well for the past 2 weeks and most likely he got the bacteria from me. He has been down with on and off fever, cough and running nose. Both of us have been busy measuring his temperature regularly and CONvincing him to take series of medication ( all the colors of the rainbow he has tried); and usually end up with loud cry and dissatisfaction stare at his parents. Everday he will need to take 4 different kind of medicine for 3 times per day. Poor baby!

He has lost weight and his chubby cheek also... he is underweight again. He is only 7.4kg at 8th mth old. I'm too careless, i should have wear the face mask when i'm not feeling well. I will remember to do that if i'm not feeling well again, to avoid spreading the bacteria to him. Lesson learn for mothers, "DONT EVER FALL SICK".

Baby Ryan - Seven Month

13Apr08, Wao!!!! Lost track on my blog again... anyhow, i only have few friends visiting my blog i think is still ok. BB Ryan or Ryan B is 7 mth old, at this stage he is learning to sit by himself...but some time he will need some support as he is not able to sit with perfect balance. Anyhow, hope with few more practise, he shall able to sit prefectly straight.. :)