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Baby Ryan - 17 Months

13Feb09, BB Ryan is 17 mths old now but he still with his pacifier. I have not successfully take this away from him. Anyhow, we bought him a set of table and chair from IKEA. I bought him color pencil and print some of the picture for him to do some colouring. He did enjoy doing that... :)

BB Ryan doesn't likes to sleep in his baby cot and we let him sleep on the mattress on floor. Anyhow, he always got rashes, which we think maybe we always steps on the mattress and dirty. We decided to buy him a single bed. We like this bed is because it can be extended. Again... is white color...

Third Aunty 80th Birthday

18Feb09, today is my 3rd aunty (dad 3rd elder sister) 80th birthday. My cousins invited us to celebrate her birthday together and also with other relatives. Although the birthday dinner is on weekday, most of the cousins who working in KL also rushing back to Seremban to celebrate her birthday. I did enjoy the birthday because this is a good chance for relatives to gather together to have fun.... "Happy Birthday Aunty!"

Green Box Karaoke

16Feb09, this is the first time i went to the Green Box Karaoke after it open at Jusco,S2. Anyhow, i'm happy that i get the chance to go with my friends... although i'm not good in singing, but is fun to sing with them. My friends are really good in SuetLi, June, Fam and Looe. I think is quite worth it, we just pay for the food then we can sing for 2 hrs.

Dad's Birthday

15Feb09, today is dad's birthday, anyhow according to my aunt. His birthday is not on the 15-Feb but should be the chinese calendar 15th day of first month.
Our family actually just remember every 15-Feb is his birthday... we follow his IC. :) Today, we treated dad, mum and aunties to have lunch because i will have a wedding dinner to attend at night.

After lunch, of course the birthday cake as dessert... anyhow, dad feel shy so we sing the birthday song and cake cutting at home.

Want to take this opportunity, "Happy Birthday my lovely Dad!!"

Valentine's Day

14Feb09, this is a happy day for all the couple in the world. Anyhow, after i got married, i never even celebrate the valentine's day. I think this is no more special for a married woman, am i right? :)
My aunties treated us for vegeterian food, as she wanted to celebrate my dad 62 years old birthday although his birthday is tomorrow. I'm thinking, how nice if i'm 60+ years old, my sis and bro still celebrating my birthday with me. My aunt and cousin also bought a birthday cake for him.