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::Mogolian Pork Rib & Steam Fish - 27Oct06::

27th Oct 06, I'm still in holiday mood but i feel a bit bored so decided to cook dinner. Actually, i like to see cooking program, i like to read cook book and i like to EAT.... :) But i seldom cook, anyhow once in a while i will help my mum to cook.

On this day, i'm very happy because i can cook a dinner in my lovely kitchen...Thank you to my hubby.....Anyhow, my kitchen still very empty... i'm trying to save more money to buy all the "accesorries" soon...
Mongolian Pork RibSteam Fish

Steps for Mongolian Pork Rib:
1. 4 tblsp tomato sauce, 2 tblspn chili sauce, 1000ml water, 1 tsp white vinegar and 1 tblsp sugar (but i cut into half). Mix all these into the pot and heat it.
2. Follow by the pork rib.
3. Cook until the pork rib is tender.

Steps for Steam Fish:
1. Clean the fish.
2. Cut few pieces of ginger and few pieces of tomato and put on top of the fish.
3. Put some chinese wine.
4. Boil the water.
5. After the water boiled, put in the fish to steam for 10 to 15 minutes.
6. Serve with spring onion, fried garlic and soy sauce.

Hehehe... very easy ler.....


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