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Baby Ryan - Elevan Month

13Aug08, BB Ryan is finally 11th month old. :) I'm now planning his birthday party which fall on next month, althought i know that Baby 1st Birthday should not be hectic but my family insist to have a big birthday celebration for him since he didn't has his full moon celebration.

BB Ryan has mastered his crawling skill... now he always crawl around. This also cause that he become a "panda" because he knocked his left eye edge at the bed frame. When i saw him, my heart is so pain and he is going to look like a "panda" on his coming birthday party. *sob**sob*

Besides, his crawling skill, he is learning to stand up by holding things around. How i hope he can really walk when he on his 1st birthday!!

Baby Ryan - Ten Month

13Jul08, 10th month old. I'm really a lousy mother, until now... i only manage to write down BB Ryan 10th month old progress... :) In his 10th month old, he knows how to crawl... and he is crawling all around the living room, bedroom and kitchen. He is so happy with that!!

Besides, we bought a car seat for him, since we planned to train him to sit by himself. He is ok with the car seat for the first two trials, but he start screaming and crying after the first two trials.

I bought a sleeping bag for BB Ryan through online shopping. But, the sleeping bag is too short for him, so he is not comfortable when i wear it on him. Anyway, he is cute with that!! Let's me show you some of his 10th month old photo...
BB Ryan got 2 teethcrawling... :)Sleeping bagBB Ryan in his car seat