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Rest In Peace

24Dec07, is christmas eve. Everybody in the world is preparing themselves to celebrate Christmas, but i feel so sad on this christmas eve because my pappy (my nanny's husband) passed away on this day. When i received the sms from my "jie jie" early morning, i can't beleive the one who love me when i'm small will not be here with us anymore. Although he seldom speak, but i know he love me very much.When i'm just born, i'm already with my nanny because my mum need to follow my dad to other places. So, i'm staying day and night with my nanny and pappy. He is a real good father. I really appreciate the love from him to me although i'm not his daughter.Pappy, I Love you so much! You will always in my mind! Hope you rest in peace!

::Cream Sauce Spaghetti::

I can't remember when i cook this. Anyhow, just wanted to post something... :)What you need:
400 g chicken fillet (preferably fillet from drumstick)
10 button mushroom (slice)
1 slice of ham (slice)
2 big yellow onion (small cube)
Cream Mushroom Sauce
Olive Oil

How to do:
1. Boil the water, put some salt into the water and also some oil.
2. After that, put the spaghetti to boil at least 10-15 minutes (estimation, should make sure the spaghetti is soft.)
3. Heat oil in wok, followed by yellow onion and fry.
4. Add chicken fillet and fry till 60% cooked.
5. Add the mushroom and ham.
6. Add in Cream Mushroom Sauce and 1/2 cup water then simmer for 15 mins.
7. Serve the spaghetti with the sauce....
The recipe is just for reference... because is just rough estimation on the ingredients and seasoning sauce... :)IngredientsFried OnionFinally.. spaghetti with sauce

Baby Ryan - Two Month

13 Nov 07, baby ryan is 2 month old...he is very naughty because he always crying. I told my mum about this, but she say, baby maybe will get better when baby is 100 days... another chinese believe. From that day onwards, i have been counting down and hope the time pass faster.He is a bad temper baby, he will cry for milk, cry for sleep, cry when pass motion also... :( I really don't know how to take care of baby... anyhow, i'm trying very hard to learn to become a good mother...

Baby Ryan - One Month

13 Oct 07, Baby Ryan is one month old today. We took him to see doctor the day before and get his first month jab. In chinese custom, on the day of baby full moon, we will need to bring baby to go around. If not, baby will cry whenever he goes to any new place.Unfortunately, baby ryan caught fever and we didn't manage to bring him around. We are worry about him, he only one month old, but fall sick and have to take medicine... my poor baby.

First Day at Home

14 Sep 07, the first day my baby is home... everyone in the family welcome him. Anyhow, my nightmare started from this day. Everyone must be thinking, what is my nightmare?? Is it taking care of baby?? Is it baby crying always?? CONFINEMENT. Why?? Confinement rules that my mother in law wanted me to follow is extremely alot.. and i lost my freedom to do anything, to eat anything and etc. So, what can i do is... "Just Follow Lor!!" :)Can you imagine a person who never wash her hair for a month?? How it smell?? Aik.....

My Baby... Ryan

Why i have not been updating my blog for the past one year... maybe due to my harmone change (lazy hormone built actively) after i get pregnant. My baby, Ryan is born on September 13 and is 3 days earlier from the estimated due date.I have struggle for 13 hours, finally baby is out... When doctor passed him to me, he pee on me and i know... my baby is a naughty boy. He open his eyes and look around the he wondering... "Where am i??"I feel so happy to have my baby and life between us have changed from that moment...I want to take this chance to thanks my hubby, for being there with me... giving me support and welcoming our little precious...Baby Ryan, mama and papa love you always...Little Ryan first day in the world...

I'm Back

Finally, i'm back.... i have not update my blog for some time because busy with new life... :) Anyhow, i hope to update you all with everything which happened for the past few months...
Do check out soon....

My Niece... Tracy

06 Jan 07, my niece Tracy born on this day... The whole family is so happy to welcome her to our family, she is my parents first grandchild. We feel so excited to have new member, but my mum is worry because she has not babysit for 20+ years. 2nd Day (Hospital)3rd Day (first day at home)
She is allergic to "something"(doctor also not sure), but doctor said it is normal for baby... :)
Here come with one week old photos.....

Tracy.... We love you so much...