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July/August Babies

17Aug09, we are celebrating the august babies birthday in Regent Restaurant. Lately, we didn't take any of the food photo or group photo. We seems like very hungry, everytime the food on the table... we will keep on eating non-stop. Anyway, this time, we have marble cheese cake as birthday cake. Happy Birthday my friends... June, Fam and Deric.

Baby Ryan - 23 Months

13Aug09, i bought him a Crayola crayons which is non-toxic and washable. Besides, i printed some of the pictures for him to do some colouring. Anyhow, he didn't sit on his desk to do it himself, rather he likes to run here and there, climb up and down. Active boy... :)

**Ping Ping Fishball Noddle(彬彬鱼丸粉)**

09Aug09, Ping Ping fishball noddle is one of the famous fishball noddle in Seremban. Before the owner open this shop, he actually open a stall at a food court in Blossom Heights. I think this fishball noddle is quite worth it is because the noddles is quite alot when you order small which cost only RM3.50.

Sis Graduation Day

08Aug09, i think today my dad and mum are the most happy couple in the world, as their precious, finally graduated. I feel happy also, not because she graduated with 1st class honor but i don't need to pay her phone bill anymore. **happy** Anyway, i want to wish her happy graduation.... :)

Dad planned to celebrate her graduation + birthday at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant. Wow!! i get to eat abalone... :)