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04Aug13, 明天就是妹妹的生日. 为了贪图斋节月里, Kidzania给的儿童票优惠, 折扣40%. 我们选择了这天带孩子们到Kidzania去玩, 然后庆祝妹妹的生日. 一早, 孩子们开开心心的起床, 吃早餐, 洗洗刷刷. 一切都搞定, 然后出发去. 大概9.45am 到达, Kidzania大门已经挤得水泄不通. 哥哥和妈妈都尝试挤着排队, 但最终都失败了. 小瓜知道不能到Kidzania去后, 他便放声大哭. 大瓜就安慰他说给他买玩具, 他就慢慢的放小声. 爸爸看见他的失望, 也安慰他会再带他来.

其实, 我自己也失望, 好好的安排, 想着让孩子开心的玩玩. 最后我们到Ikea shopping, 孩子们就随着他们的外公外婆, 选着他们的礼物. 小瓜和贝贝, 买了礼物, 也忘了他们的不开心.

晚上, 我们到Paradigm Mall去庆祝妹妹的生日.他们选了蒸心蒸意(Steam Room) ,那餐馆的食物都是以蒸为主.唱了生日歌,吃了一顿还不错的晚餐,我们就回家了!在此,祝我妹,生日快乐,身体健康,开开心心!


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**Curry Leaf@Rasah, Seremban**

12Jun08, nowadays my mother in law seldom cook dinner for us, so sometime we have dinner on our own. Today, hubby and I decided to visit Curry Leaf at Rasah, Seremban. This restaurant is famous for their curry fish head and banana leaf rice. So, each time we visit this place, we will take the banana leaf rice. There are around 7 to 8 side dishes, example: bean curd, spinach..., the most popular side dish is brinjal. Besides the side dishes, you can order some main dish like fish, curry chicken and etc. Btw, papadam and rice is free flow... The brinjal that i had on that day was too spicy... :) ending up taken few glasses of water. This is one of the must visit restaurant in Seremban whenever we have any company visitor from oversea. That's the reason, the price is above average. Since my last visit, I find the food is not as good as before.. perhaps the good cook has gone back to his homeland ?? :)

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22Feb17,小瓜已经进入四年级了.但,他的成绩还是中下.去年,爸爸生病了,自己也不辛地有了颈椎问题,把小孩们都忽略了.今年,爸爸的病受控制, 我自己也在做复健,大家情况都在进步,是直得欣慰.小瓜,三月的考试,要来临了,小瓜和我都在争取时间去温习.
读着小瓜的四年级书, 我有些些胆怯,KSSR的程度已经是大概我的六年级.替他温习的当儿, 我有好多语法都没能好好解释. 还没找到好的语法书的当儿, 就靠着网络的帮忙.. ^_^为了..就..为了: 目的/原因就: 措施只要只要:条件

**Bee Kee@Temiang, Seremban** (August Babies Birthday Celebration)

28Jul08, hehe... celebration... with my lunch mates for August Babies. :) We decided to celebrate at Bee Kee, Temiang. I remember i did try the food here quite some time ago, i don't quite like the food and the price is quite high compare to other restaurant in Seremban. Our organizer for this celebration is Kow, he decided maybe we can give a try on Bee Kee. Overall, i think the food is quite nice compare to the last time i came here but the price is still above normal price.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish 3 of them, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
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Address: Temiang, Seremban

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.