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**Wantan Mee (Dumpling Noddle)**

3rd Oct 06, i wanted to blog this wan tan mee stall quite some time ago.... this is my favourite wan tan mee stall in Seremban. :) I have been eating this wan tan mee stall since standard 2.... What is so special on this wan tan mee? The noddle is not too soft and the bbq roast pork(叉烧)is really nice. The side dish that i like to order is... the vegetable(油菜心)...the stall owner put the roast pork sauce into the vege and make the vege taste so nice...when you eat that time... you can feel the "grouk... grouk..." sound.... :) Anyhow, i think those people that can't really stand the "dirtiness" of the area.... maybe will not like it....
Wan Tan Mee (RM2.40)Vege (RM3 for 2 person)

Rahang (Near the Shell Petrol Station)
Not sure the actual address :)
Open Daily except Sunday
12.00pm - 3.00pm

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal tastebuds.


Msau said…
wah..this wan tan mee very cheap ler..

where to find RM2.50 wan tan mee in KL???
Jade said…
Hehe.. :) msau... if you ever drop by Seremban and try it out... is really nice...especially the vege....but don't come on Sunday... because it closed on Sunday...Maybe i should update on my post... :)
PabloPabla said…
Yalor, looks good and very cheap indeed! P/s: Don't tell the stall owner or he / she will increase the price ;)
Shirley said…
The wan tan mee + vege is cheap yet nice! but..if you are the type of ppl who particular on good eating environment, then i bet you wont be going there. As for me, if Jade not recommended me to this stall, i wont go too :P. But since the mee and vege is nice, who cares about the environment and surrounding, rite?
Jade said…
pablopabla: I won't tell the stall owner...hehe...:) Anyhow, i think not everyone can stand the environment there.

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