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My New House -Part I

My hubby and i have bought a house, we wanted to have our "Dream" house... Anyhow, we do not have enough saving to make our "Dream" house, so some of the things we just cut from our "LONG" list.

Last night, we went to the house because the plaster man claims that they have finished with their work. The plaster ceiling just painted and most of the lights are installed. Anyhow, we did find slight things that we are not satisfied.
Living Room
Dining Area

The next step for us.... is to paint the house..... :-( My hubby and i will start painting the house from tomorrow onwards...


ellewy said…
I am sure one day it will become your ultimate dream house. This is a pretty good start. u will be adding things in there from time to time without realising it. (from my experience).
Jade said…
hehe.. :) I will update you whenever i took any new photo of my house....
Msau said…
Congratulation on your new house! I just get the key for my new house too..eee..should be a old house..haha...we bought second hand one..anyway, renovation fees really cost a lot ler..We don't have budget for that all in pending..think will rent out 1st lor

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